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Exploring Soft Matter-Light Interactions 


We are broadly interested in research questions at the interface of statistical optics and soft-matter physics including light scattering, nanophotonics, optical forces, Brownian motion and pattern formation.

Specifically,  our study addresses questions such as :

  • How to realize, probe and image out-of-equilibrium soft-systems using light ? 

    •  role of Optical forces and Torques + thermodynamics, optical momentum  spin and orbital aspects

    • what is the influence of optical degrees of freedom on Brownian dynamics and pattern formation ?

    • how do optical/optothermal forces interact with soft, active and biological matter : colloids, liquid crystals, droplets, bubbles, granular matter, cells etc.  ?

    • what are the technological and biological implications of optical/optothermal force-soft matter interaction ?

Current Projects (inter-related):

  • Brownian Dynamics + structured optical forces

Hot Brownian Colloids - evolutionary optical assembly & emergence
Brownian dynamics – thermo-plasmonic landscape
 and optical vortices
Fluctuations in light scattering – single molecule among colloids

  • Pattern Formation and dynamics in optically-driven soft-systems

plasmon-driven systems - plasmonic colloids


  • Optical methods to drive, probe and image soft- and biological-systems

Structured Optical forces and Torques  - optical tweezers
Plasmonics – propagating and localized plasmons

Statistical Optics 


Our publications can be found on following pages:

  • Fourier-plane optical microscopy and spectroscopy in an optical trap (home-built) : based on upright and inverted microscope coupled to dual channel spectrometer, coupled with lasers at 1064nm, 633nm and 532nm wavelength

  • Optical Energy-Momentum Spectroscopy and Microscopy integrated with an optical tweezer (home-built)

  • Two-channel femtosecond light scattering microscope (home-built):Based on Ti:Sapphire femtosecond laser, to study nonlinear light scattering in an optical trap

  • Optical tweezer based multi-wavelength confocal spectroscopic imaging microscope (home-built): based on high resolution spectrometry 

  • Computer workstation for photonics and plasmonics simulation FEM methods for plasmonics and photonics; Fourier optics 

  • Nano-fabrication and nano-synthesis facility

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